March 2021
I first started working to picture composing for film shorts and TV commercials in the early 90’s. Despite being occupied by other ventures in the music industry over the years I have always kept on writing to develope my own individual compositional style both notationally and sonically but always with moving picture in mind.
I have a large catalogue of my own unpublished compositions. Of the underscore titles I have written over the years I have submitted only a few to music libraries, keeping most of it unpublished to be used as possible starter ideas on future film projects. I am not such a fan of library music as its overuse these days is diminishing the quality and production value of visual content.
I am passionate about film because it is the ultimate medium for sharing and celebrating human interaction. 
When I watch a movie or TV drama myself I hate to be distracted from the visual and dialogue by an intrusive score especially if that film has an important message to portray. Discerning composers know this! A composers job is to come up with an inspired score, in tow with what the director has envisaged in his minds eye, that ultimately helps to enhance the message of the storyline. This could be underpinned by anything from the most subtle, sparse, sub harmonic underscore, through to a full drawn out symphonic theme: just as long as the music fullfils a positive supportive roll.



If I was a religious man it would be my infinite love of the rivers, mountains and ever changing skies that kindle the romantic dreams of my humanist nature... just saying!