The HENRY FRAMPTON GROUP is an ever evolving, live music project founded by Henry Frampton who is the principal writer and lead singer.


The group insights some of its sonic influences amongst the likes of the Pat Metheny Group, the Canadian rock trio Rush and the lush vocal arrangements of The Carpenters. Henry has a passionate lyrical style often fusing humanist subjects with the grandeur of nature: epic, visual, heart-felt, filmic.


The main members of the group include the Brazilian multi instrumentalist, Caio Mamberti (Tania Maria, Stevie Wonder) and familiar touring guitarist John Robertson (The Selector, Grace Jones, Sky, Morceba, Lulu, and many others).


The HFG experience wether as a four piece lineup or duo/trio, is as evocative and expansive as the very land, sky and sea scapes that have inspired its band leader to pen authentic, melodious, lyrical songs over a lifetime’s dedication to creative songwriting and music composition.


Main musicians

HENRY FRAMPTON - lead vocals, keyboards, alto saxophone

CAIO MAMBERTI - Roland V-Drums, percussion, rhythm guitar, vocals

JOHN ROBERTSON - lead guitar, synth guitar, vocals