HENRY FRAMPTON is a singer-songwriter/composer playing piano/keyboards and alto saxophone as well as having decades of experience of synthesizer programming, producing and general sound engineering.
Henry first started working to picture composing for film shorts and TV commercials in the mid 90’s working with many media and arts companies including the BBC, McCann, DDB and Saatchi. Henry has also run his own professional residential recording studios in Europe some of which have featured in Pro Sound News with sessions including artists such as Bat For Lashes, Francesco De Gregori, Chris Difford (Squeeze), Mike Lindup (Level 42).
Despite being occupied by other ventures in the music industry, over the years, Henry has never strayed too far from his song-writing roots. Having penned over 150 songs he has recently reformed The Henry Frampton Group performing grand arrangements of his music on the live stage.
Although he has some of his work published (PRS member 26 years) Henry has built up a much larger vault of his own unpublished compositions. 
"I am passionate about film because it is the ultimate medium for sharing and celebrating human interaction." 
"When I watch a movie or TV drama I dont want to be distracted from the visual and dialogue by an intrusive score especially if that film has an important message to portray. Discerning composers know this! A composers job is to conjure a musical soundscape in line with what the director has in his minds eye ultimately enhancing the sentiment of the storyline. Scenes can be underpinned by anything from the most subtle, sparse, sub harmonic underscore, through to a full drawn out symphonic hybrid theme: just as long as the music fullfils a positive supportive roll."
So if you like what you hear please don't hesitate to get in contact! ...Thanks for reading!